Mood for Wood are international workshops aimed for students of design degrees interested in actual project realisation. So far 9 international editions of the project have taken place, with participation of the joint number of over 400 students from Poland, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. During the workshops, students, with the help of recognised architects and designers from all over world and experienced carpenters, will independently create urban furniture for selected locations and users.

Design teams will work on a specific location, meet with users of the space and get to know their needs in order tackle issues related to the particular place. The workshops are accompanied by additional events: debates, architecture walks, film screenings, and lectures. So far, architects and designers from all over Europe who shared their experience with the participants include Snohetta, TOPOTEK 1, Hello Wood, Zdenek Franek, artist Iza Rutkowska, Begona de Abajo Castrillo (RAW/De Abajo Garcia) or Hiroshi Kato.


This year we are planning not one but two editions of the Mood for wood workshops. 10th Edition will be held  at the end of July in Poznań, students from Poland, Germany and France will design and build furnitures for the Youth Community Center (Dzieciniec pod Słońcem), under a common slogan of LETS PLAY.

Edition of the workshop in Poznań is possible thanks to financial support from the Polish-German youth cooperation, Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the City of Poznań.

11th edition of the workshop for students from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary is planned in August (11-22.08.2022)  in Cieszyn/ Cesky Tesin.

Edition of the workshop in Cieszyn/Cesky Tesin  is possible thanks to financial support from the  Visegrad Fund ( In partnership with : 2021 Architekti (, SARP Poznań (, Architecture Department of  Brno Univeristy of Technology ( and CAN architects (



The Association of Polish Architects (pol. SARP) is a professional organisation with a long tradition, which comprises of architects and individuals involved in architecture.  SARP’s objective is to care for spatial order and quality of the architecture erected around us. SARP is also an organisation which animates cultural-educational events related to the promotion of good architecture, as well as facilitating conditions for the growth of architectural creativity and its protection.


Punkt Wspólny Association organises innovative artistic and social activities within the city of Poznań. The association promotes young art and initiatives of local artists, architects, designers, and seeks new forms of  culture education.

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