Main theme: Common Habitat

Nature in the city allows for experiences and sensations which add to the multifaceted character of a place; it defines, complements and humanises the living space. Communing with nature, especially in its little-processed forms, has a regenerative effect on people of all ages: it allows one to better cope with everyday stress or the accumulation of frustration. Over the past few years, the understanding of the importance of natural environment for the quality of life has been growing. Everyday struggles with air pollution, rising temperatures and the lack of sufficient greenery cause the wildlife in the city to become the last oasis within the urban dimension. Currently, city dwellers are demanding not only its presence, but also the possibility of close contact with it. However, when designing places of recreation at the junction of the wild world of nature and the urban culture, we often forget that man is only a guest in these natural areas, and that these green habitats are home to many species of animals and plants that should be protected and cared for. Therefore, during this year’s edition of the Mood for Wood workshops, we will create furniture and installations which will serve not only the purpose of environmental education and recreation, but also support the local ecosystem. Because the city is not only our home – it’s a Common Habitat.


Between 19th and 29th of July. First and last day are for transportation.


During ten days you’ll be focused on group design work, interesting lectures, sightseeing and many more attractions! Your task will be to design and produce wooden city furniture under the supervision of five international groups of tutors for specific urban related localization in Poznań.


Students of Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and more from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

MfW2019_strona internetowa_ikonki_OBYWATELE


Every design has its users and their needs. Two on-site meetings will be arrange between the participants and locals.

MfW2019_strona internetowa_ikonki_FUNDUSZE


All design must fulfill the budget – the cost of the materials must not exceed 6000 pln (about 1500 euro).

MfW2019_strona internetowa_ikonki_MATERIAŁY


The building material is of course wood. There is no limit for the amount of chosen material, except the budget.


Workshop fee: 115 euro / 450 złotych


The price of workshop includes:

-Accommodation in Poznań between 19th and 29th of July

-Full board (breakfast, lunch, supper)

-Coffe breaks

-Transportation to and from Poznań (students from Czech Republic – departure from Prague or Brno, students from Hungary – departure from Budapest, students from Slovakia – departure from Bratislava, students from Poland- public transport from any location in the country) 

-Public transport in Poznań

Health and Safety training – ending with a certificate

-Materials to use during workshops (paper, pens, wood, tools etc.)

-A set of gadgets with the Mood for Wood logo