Main theme: Concrete Hives

The topic of this year’s edition are the spaces between blocks of flats. Blocks of flats and the block estates are inscribed in the landscape of Central Europe. Even though they originated as an idea for a „better future”, not only in this part of the continent but also in the West, they have become more of a synonym of failure rather than success. In Poland, the first estates were erected in the 50s, but the real boom arrived in the early 70s. During the communist times, 7 million flats in the ‚large-panel’ technology were built in our country. They were supposed to be widespread, functional and cheap. The estates abundant in services and new public utility buildings were to satisfy all of the residents’ needs. The scale of this type of constructions made it a separate phenomenon.  At its peak, one third of Poles lived in the blocks. This is an unprecedented number in comparison to any Western country.


Unfortunately, years of neglect caused estate spaces to loose their capability for meeting the previously presumed needs. Many functions have been superseded by the need to find more and more space for cars – back in the 70s, when having a car was a luxury, no one expected that a family can have more than one vehicle. Throughout the years, green and recreational space of estates shrunk and became flooded with parking concrete. What remains is the open-access common space which has been neglected for years and is often dysfunctional and randomly utilised. In the light of this great revitalisation challenge and the fact that this type of construction is known and familiar to all of the countries participating in the project, we believe that this edition can become a starting point for a discussion on the quality of these spaces.


Between 20th and 30th of July. First and last day are for transportation.


During ten days you’ll be focused on group design work, interesting lectures, sightseeing and many more attractions! Your task will be to design and produce wooden city furniture under the supervision of five international groups of tutors for specific urban related localization in Poznań.


Students of Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and more from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.



Every design has its users and their needs. Two on-site meetings will be arrange between the participants and locals.



All design must fulfill the budget – the cost of the materials must not exceed 5000 pln (about 1250 euro).



The building material is of course wood. There is no limit for the amount of chosen material, except the budget.


Social Assistance Home

Zamenhofa Street

MFW_2018_website_lokacje_SENIORZY kopia-min

The “Orle Gniazdo”

Community Centre


The „Amikus”

Association for the Disabled and their Families

The Poznań Centres for Sport and Leisure

Rataje Division


The “Amici”

Association for the Support of Children and their Families


Special guests

Aleksander Oniszh

dr Michał Wiśniewski

Workshop fee: 100 euro


The price of workshop includes:

– Accommodation in Poznań between 20th and 30th of July

– Meals (breakfast, lunch  and dinners)

– Transportation to and from Poznan (students from Czech Republic – departure from Prague or Brno, students from Hungary – departure from Budapest, students from Slovakia – departure from Bratislava

– Public transport in Poznań

– Materials to use during workshops (paper, pens, wood, tools etc.)

– A set of gadgets with the Mood for Wood logo